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SpreadWinners MMA offers statistical analysis to make predictions on mixed martial arts events. While catering to the sports betting community, our team does the behind the scenes research in order for you to make an informed decision that is not based on biases. With a win rate north of 80%, we are the top dogs in the sports betting community. You can sign up through our website to see our best predictions for the weekend!

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Sports betting is making way and gaining momentum fast; with even more states allowing sports betting to be legal. As this wave continues to increase, it is good to be well versed in all the different nuances that come along with participating in this industry. Luckily for you, we took the initiative to try and explain some of the basic concepts behind sports betting. Each way can impact how much money you walk away with at the end of the night.


What is the MONEY LINE (ML)?


The money line is cut and dry way of saying who you think is going to win the game. You will generally see a negative (-) or positive (+) number associated with two teams that are facing off. The team that is assigned the negative number (-), is Vegas' way of letting the public know who they think is more likely to win. The larger the number, the more favored that team is. On the other hand, a positive (+) number will indicate what team Vegas thinks will lose the game. Again, the higher the number, the less favored they are. BE CAUTIOUS for this can be counterintuitive. Keep in mind that these predictions do not always hold true. If they did, Vegas would have gone broke by now.


What is the SPREAD?


The spread is a little bit more cumbersome. Vegas will also attach both a positive (+) and negative (-) number to a team to indicate their predicted point spread. A negative (-) spread means that the associated team has to win the game by equal too or more then the represented negative number. For example, if team A has a spread of -10, then team A must beat team B by 10 or greater. Likewise, a positive spread indicates that the assigned team must either WIN or LOOSE the game by equal to or within the range of the attached number. For example, If team B had a positive spread of +10, team B must lose the game by 10 or less OR win the game. This concept will take some time to fully understand, so be sure to take your time.


What is the OVER/UNDER (O/U)?


Unlike the concepts explained above, betting the over/under will require you to do some math. The over/under only considers the final COMBINED score. Vegas will display one set number and your job is to determine if you think the final COMBINED score will be over or under the said amount. For example, if team A is playing team B and the indicated over/under is 10, then you can either choose the "over" option (indicating that the final combined score will be over 10) or under (indicating that the final combined score will be less then 10). 


Aside from these three basic betting concepts, there are tons out there. The money line, spread, and over/under are good concepts to grasp in order to get your footing established in the world of sports betting. For users' sake, we only utilize the above three options in our "Weekend Events" for our users to keep things simple. Find this helpful? Follow us on Instagram and give us a shout out and get your next pair of picks for $5!

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